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    24 Hour Body + Beauty Reset

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    24 Hour Body + Beauty Reset

    This is the perfect quick reset to feel light and lifted and find your every day glow, both inside and out.  Our nutrient-packed tonic has been formulated with natural soothing ingredients to support you throughout the 24 hour reset to get you feeling brand new again.

    A perfect ritual to incorporate into an ongoing weekly routine or to do as a one off reset when you need to.  Also a perfect package to try if you are new to fasting processes as we have simplified the process for you.

    You'll Receive: 5 sachets of the nutrient-packed tonic to sip over a 24 hour period + Cute Rose Gold Straw (while supplies last).

    Did you know: Fasting, even for just 24 hours sets off these scientifically proven benefits:

    You’ll also love that:

    The 24 Hour Body + Beauty Reset is perfect to reset super fast and beat bloat, especially after too many days of not-so-healthy habits.  It can also be used once a week for the 6:1 method of intermittent fasting where you eat as usual 6 out of 7 days and one full day a week you will fast.