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    Why You Need This

    While you're sipping away on our pretty pink tonic, feeding your body with goodness and giving your digestive system a break you'll experience some pretty amazing benefits as your body shifts to restorative processes.    

    Here's what happens during fasting, backed by science:

    • Your body flips a switch to burn more calories.
    • Human Growth Hormone increases which assists in muscle and bone growth.
    • Your glucagon relaxes which balances blood sugar.
    • Fat burning gets amped up.
    • Your body goes into a process to remove anything unnecessary/dysfunctional from cells, like a spring clean.

    Our pretty pink tonic contains collagen peptides, beetroot, siberian ginseng, green tea, inulin, peppermint, psyllium husk, aloe vera, watercress and organic stevia.  Designed to support and elevate a fasted state.